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Virtual Hair Cuts (a new age of hair care)

Jul 31, 2021

In the age of everyone working from home and relying so heavily on technology, what is a girl with out of control curly hair supposed to do when shes needing a change? Like many other women stuck at home with a lot of boredom and a pair of scissors I sought to cut my own hair(see my attempt below). The first time I did it on my own, the cut did not come out terrible it certainly wasn’t amazing but was a bit uneven and crooked. This year in addition to the lockdown I also had moved out of my home state of California(great timing I know) and into the corn husking state of Nebraska. While I lived in San Diego California I had options to pick from not just curly stylists but whole Curly Salons! Here in Omaha Nebraska I can only find one person who even advertises cutting curly hair and she is a Deva Stylist, which I am a bit hesitant about since the whole Deva Scandal where hundreds of women came out saying Deva Curl had caused tremendous damage to their hair and then Deva Curl going about the whole things like it wasn’t possible…. I digress.

So what is a curly girl to do? I began messaging with my stylist Daisy from the Daze Salon in San Diego as she had done a virtually coached haircut for one of her clients who needed emergency help cutting her hair. It was not officially a service yet but she was onto something. 

Me and her were finally able to get on a Zoom call and with scissors in hand I started letting her direct me in sectioning my hair off and then beginning to cut each curl. I was completely confident in Daisys ability because she is the most capable stylist Ive ever met! After about an hour I had a beautifully shaped hair cut! It looked amazing! Even before I had washed and restyled my frizzed out mane I could tell by the shape alone that it was a really good haircut. Then I washed and styled and was amazed I was able to get such a beautiful haircut with a pair of scissors I got off amazon and a stylist on the computer telling me what to do. When I posted my results on Instagram people were amazed that I was able to get these results at home through a zoom call! 

What I find so special about this new innovation is now Curly Hair cuts are accessible globally. I often get DMs from curlies all over the globe talking about how they struggle finding hair products for curly hair, let alone an actual stylist that doesn’t just flat iron their hair and call it good. 


It is absolutely amazing what Daisy is doing now through Zoom, even now offering online courses for stylists and curious curlies alike. Through the pandemic a lot of us needed to adapt and through that need for creativity so many of us have innovated within the market and our own personal lives. We learned to connect in new ways and through our separation so many of us have been brought closer through it. 


If you have been searching for a curly hair stylist but havent had any luck and you believe you can be trusted with scissors (Im no stylist TBH) I highly suggest booking with Daisy! 


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