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Top 5 Tips For Beautiful Bridal Curls

Feb 28, 2021

Like many Curly babes I had always had the habit of straightening (then curling) my hair for special occasions. This was instilled in me at a young age since it just tended to be the default. Every homecoming and other fancy occasion meant it was time to get a blow out. Then once I had started to actually learn how to style my hair and wear it in its natural state…I still didn’t fully trust my own skills come time for my own wedding.

Yes I straightened my hair for my wedding!

I don’t think there should be any shame in that but I also think that it shouldn’t feel like its the only option for you! Most stylists do not know how to style curly or coily hair..which is problematic in its own (thanks cosmo school) but again that’s a topic for another blog post. What is a curly/coily/wavy bride to do? Let me tell you what I did for my Curly Bridal shoot and some top tips from my curly stylist!

Look into getting a CurlyCut

Like I always say getting a Curly hair cut is the base of all good hair days. Make sure if you are getting one you do so about 3 months before your wedding. This way you have time for your curls to settle and for you to experiment with new styling techniques/updos that go along with your new shape!

Practice Practice Practice!

I know that getting a consistent good hair day can feel like an impossible feat but let me say, there is a lot you can do to learn and control an outcome…semi control(remember it is curly hair🤪 after all)

  • Take note of products you always love
  • Use products that hold their own against all weather
  • practice different styling techniques and see what works
  • Write down your results and track how they last

By doing this you can get a leg up on knowing how to predict how your hair will react. Remember this going on, Practice Practice Practise!

Hair Extensions are life changing!

I recently got a pair of Bebonia clip in extensions and OMG its impossible to have a bad hair day with them in! They have a variety hair textures from 2A all the way to 4C and several colors.

They are a little bit more of a splurge purchase at about $500 for a full set BUT Ive had them for about a year, I restyle them and being made of real human hair they hold up very well and look extremely natural.

Why I love them for Curly Brides
  • Having extensions is like insurance. They are already styled and all you have to do is clip them in (of have your stylist do it)
  • You won’t have to worry about constantly re-fluffing your hair and it will look full and voluminous in all your pictures!
  • takes away the stress of trying to, grow your hair, or have it be exactly perfect for the day

Like I mentioned earlier, PRACTICE! If you are going to use them on your own make sure to take them for a test ride because it took me a little bit of time (and help from customer service) to get the placement and restyling technique down. Definitely don’t do what I did and over stretch them with a bunch of water and run your fingers through them 🤦🏼‍♀️

Accessories are Everything!

Getting a beautiful hair clip or even a head piece can make you feel like a queen! I used a metal head band for my curly shoot and it was amazing for two reasons

  1. I didn’t need to fluff my hair the whole time.
  2. It made my hair feel fancier than just my normal free (and fabulous) curls!

If that’s not enough reason to consider it then I don’t know what to tell you! You can do a flower crown, headpiece, a vail or a simple hair clip and it can take your look to the next level!

Don’t Fully break the Curl Cast

When styling your hair with a higher hold gel we all get that “crunchy” cast in our hair. Normally we would scrunch our hair out to fully break that curly cast but on a day where we are needing longevity and durability we need that extra protection. So after fully drying your hair don’t completely break the curl cast. Leave a little bit of the crunchiness and make sure you are getting that extra volume from using a pic at your roots.

It Doesn’t have to be “Perfect”

On a day like your wedding where you are going to be the main focus it can be easy to over stress about every little misplaced frizz and wonky curl. Let me just tell you this… its going to be ok.

I know from experience that on the days I think my hair looks the “worst” is when I get the most compliments from strangers. So breath in, remember your hair is beautiful and have an amazing day!

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