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Hydra Facials: Worth It?

Aug 2, 2021

As someone who has struggled with acne for a few years I often find myself wondering…wouldn’t it be amazing if you could suck out all the crap from your face?

Well apparently you can! I had heard about the oh so amazing HydraFacial before I was getting married. I was told it would make 

my skin glow like a new born. The morning after my first treatment I woke up and said “OMG look how glowy my skin is” to which my husband replied…I can see. Now you know when your husband can tell something is different that its actually a big change!    I want to tell you about my experience with Hydrofacials because I have been getting them consistently for about a year. The first time I ever booked my appointment was after seeing a local influencer  (influenced much?) on instagram showing off her post “Hydro Glo” as I like to call it. I was instantly intrigued and began Googling my fingers off researching if these expensive treatments were worth it. I had gotten normal facials in the past and was always disappointed in them. Spending about $100 for something I ultimately could do at home wasnt super appealing. Enter the trademarked Hydrafacial. It starts with a special Machine about the size of my bathroom sink that uses three cycles.

Cycle 1: Cleanse and Peel

The first is the Cleanse and Peel phase where they use the special wand to gently exfoliate dead skin from the face. They use a mixture of glycolic and salicicylic acids to give the effects of a cosmetic peel without you needing to look like a reptile shedding its skin for a week. 

Cycle 2: Extract and Hydrate

The second Step is the Extracting and hydrating step. This step is my favorite because they use a suctioning tip to painlessly remove debris from your pores. It literally sucks your black heads out! I also don’t leave my spa appointments bleeding and looking like I got slapped in the face with a fly swatter. At the same time as using a light suction to remove debris from your pores your esthetician is adding a serum that is loaded with antioxidants, peptides and the holy hydrator hyaluronic acid! 

Cycle 3: Fuse and Protect

The final step to a HydraFacial is to Fuse and Protect the skin. This step uses antioxidants and peptides to increase your Post HydroGlow! My esthetician uses specific boosters to target my own skin concerns.    Then after your Facial is over you get to see the jar of liquid your esteticial used and it is so satisfying to see all the bits that have been removed and exfoliated off of your face. Much better than when I used to use strawberry seeds to “expholiate”… more like rip my skin off! 

So What’s the aPEEL

What’s the difference between a peel and a Hydra Facial?
  • A HydraFacial has no down time. No Flaking, peeling skin.
  • A Hydra Facial can be done on any skin tone 
  • A Hydra Facial is painless 

In Conclusion

I have had an absolutely amazing experience getting hydrafacials. They have helped keep my skin from getting clogged and have been a great addition to my skincare routine. I also have gotten onto Spironolactone to further treat my hormonal acne that would continuously rear its ugly deeply painful head! Even though I am no longer getting Hormonal Breakouts I still get blackheads all over my chin and the hydrafacial does an amazing job sucking them out. 

Where do I go?

I am local to Omaha and get all my treatments at Tres J Med Spa and highly recommend to anyone looking for a relaxing facial experience.

“ I suffered with cystic acne for many years. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Hydrafacial where I finally saw results. Not only did hydrafacial help clear my acne, it also made my skin tone a lot more even, hydrated and plump.“

-Grace Voth (Hydra Facial Certified Esthetician

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